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Our studio based in Paris started developing a clothing range for yoga practitioners, whatever their level and expectations. Our unique design is built on the belief that garments shall make you aware of your own body. By studying the human anatomy and kinetics, we defined ideal shapes that we combined with our flat design techniques. We also used special materials to emphasize relevant areas of your figure such as your SPINE, your STERNUM and your SACRUM in order to help you find your inner balance and comfort zone.



From the onset at Owlso we were committed to high quality and passionate craftsmanship. We associate with the best premium Italian fabrics suppliers and the European manufacturers mastering the most advanced technologies to offer you a unique product. Here at Owlso, we believe in active wear as the right combination between artful design, athletic functionality and feminine high fashion look, with this "je ne sais quoi" that will make you want to wear our products even when you're not exercising. In particular, our cuts and patterns are engineered to complement the natural shape of muscles and bones. Owlso activewear enhances the natural contour through the use of body-sculpting fabrics, supportive waistbands, and super-soft fabric. The flattering lines enable a better perception of the body alignment, and the proper conscious of yourself.


Natalie Anavi -  Founder & Creative Director

Natalie Anavi -

Founder & Creative Director



Natalie Anavi, grew up in a multicultural environment. This international exposure is part of her DNA and her work: She respects the past but knows to innovate when it makes sense.

She has spent more than a decade consolidating her expertise of the fashion business, from collection design to product manufacturing and has acquired a detailed understanding of each step of the industry’s value chain.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge alongside her personal commitment to a regular yoga practice, OWLSO designs express both style and functionality the perfect fit between the yin and the yang.

Today she is living and working in Paris, France with her husband and their little son.


Good work takes time...

Our mission is to create exceptionally well-made clothing that is long-lasting and versatile while raising the standards of active fashion.

We offer high quality products, thoughtful and designed with love, while we aim to make women look beautiful whatever the situation.

Our range is made of Premium Italian fabrics and manufactured in Europe with the most advanced techniques such as ultrasonic seam welding, adhesive tapes with elastic performance to guarantee maximum freedom of movement and sophistication beyond the mat.

We also use the SensElast® technology to change the fabric properties creating unique garments with higher comfort. Far from being clever gimmicks, these additional features make for an attractive design, an unequal comfort and a way back to the natural body balance.


OWLSO- Collection N° 1

OWLSO- Collection N° 1

Anatomy illustration

Anatomy illustration

ANATOMY 1-2-3-4


Every-"body" is different, but our structure is still the same.

We have a meticulous approach to examine the human anatomy defining our essential range. Each piece is designed to match with each other, providing continuous lines as well as a versatile use.


ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE - sports bra highlighting your STERNUM and SPINE.

BREATHE OUT - tank top underlining your DIAPHRAGM and reinforcing your SPINE.

AWAKEN YOUR SPINE - long-sleeve top reinforcing your SPINE.

HOLY SACRUM - legging emphasizing your SACRUM area.




Muse: Dasha Romanova @heartcoremind

Muse: Dasha Romanova @heartcoremind




I am so happy that my friend Dasha Romanova @heartcoremind, raised in the Siberian part of Russia and adopted Parisienne, became the muse of Owlso. The moment I met her during a yoga class, I was impressed by her beauty and kindness and I immediately knew that she as the one to represent Owlso.

What I like about her teaching approach?

As a yoga teacher, Dasha does not represent any particular “style” of yoga. She strongly believes in tailoring the practice to the needs of the practitioner, not the other way around. Owing to the evolution of her own practice and various trainings, her definite focus is on the therapeutic aspect of the practice. Thanks to her unique and sensible approach, I managed to follow my yoga practice during and after my pregnancy.

We both value empathy and we believe there is a time and place for everything.


Dearest Dasha, thank you for being such a great mentor!